Alicia: Heavy Breathers at the Gym and People Who Talk on Cell Phones in Waiting Rooms




1. People talking loudly on cell phones in quiet waiting areas (doctors offices, etc). I do not want to hear a person’s personal issues loudly. There is a reason people put up signs in waiting rooms saying not to use your cell phone. It’s rude.

2. I am at the gym on a machine (treadmill, elliptical, bike) and there are 5 empty machines on each side of me, readily available. The smelliest, loudest breather in the entire gym takes the machine right next to me despite the fact that there are empty machines ready to be used all around me. Give me space.

First occurrence

Years ago.


Monthly, all the time.


Until the person causing my rage is gone.




It becomes a matter of selfishness and personal respect. The people doing these things do not care about the comfort of those around them.

Do you like peanut  butter?

Yes! Lol

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