Chelsey: People Who Ask You to Take Their Picture






People who ask me to take their picture. It happens when I’m on trips…Specifically in Hawaii, Iceland, and U.S. National Parks (this might be the most reoccurring space it happens in), or in my hometown from tourists (I hope!).


A few summers ago when I was on a road trip


A couple of times a year


As soon as they are out of sight




My first thought: I didn’t ask to be a part of your vacation. I don’t know you and I don’t care about you. Get a selfie stick, which I will make fun of, but I will be relieved you didn’t ask me to take your picture. I don’t know, just be an adult and figure it out yourself. Like me! I have been an independent person, figuring things out all by myself -all the while managing to not ask anyone to take my picture. I don’t know you and I certainly don’t want my own time interrupted by you.

AND I feel like I am not allowed to say no to this question. I do not want someone to put me in that place and expect something from me. Oooo this might be the main reason! People act like this is just a normal social favor people do (or have to do) just because you asked. Then I look like an asshole for being honest…. which I guess I have never been honest for fear of their judgment. I am not an asshole for not wanting to do this thing you asked!


Oh, yes. Crunchy! With chocolate!

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