10 Things It Took Me a Long Time to Realize

1) No matter what you do, you can’t avoid rejection
2) Money doesn’t help—unless it does
3) Smiling can help—even when you’re forcing yourself
4)  Moving doesn’t help—unless it does (if you were me and you lived at the God awful La Belle Hollywood Tower  (link is to pretty much the only negative Yelp review I’ve ever done)
5) Fear masquerades itself as all sorts of other things, including exhaustion,  not taking direction and  nausea
6) Nausea is an incredibly difficult word to spell
7) Really hating someone and then realizing you were the one with the problem can make you feel almost high around them
8) What  people say has everything to do with them unless it really does have to do with you
9) It’s better to not eat when you aren’t hungry
10) Working out doesn’t keep you thin

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