10 Things It Took Marc a Long Time to Realize

Okay so remember last week’s post on the 10 things it took me a long time to realize and how I asked you all to send in your own lists? Well, here’s Marc’s…

1.           The people you try hardest to please will never respect you, no matter if it’s work or relationships. (or Don’t be a suck-up)

2.           Time will have its way with you, but this doesn’t mean you just lie back, and let it happen. Keep working for the life you want.

3.           You’re not running out of time, time is running out of you, make your time count.

4.           If it’s stupid, lame, or uncool, but it makes you happy – do it anyway.

5.           The worst advice about life you will ever get will come from friends, especially your best friends.

6.           Never ask your best friends for advice. You can ask them for help, but never advice.

7.           When setting fitness goals, don’t pretend you’re 25 when you’re over 40. Be a healthy 40 year-old (or whichever age you are).

8.           Your body replaces cells all the time, and in 10 years you’re walking around with all new ones. So if you’re over 40 you are twice removed from the person who you physically were when you were 20. This is a perfect excuse to let go of your past mistakes.

9.           Prayer, meditation, or Jedi-stuff works if you commit to it.

10.   Learn to give yourself a break, and indulge in a treat once in a while. You’ve earned it.

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