Michael: Cashiers Who Don’t Make Change Correctly


Michael Wagner




As a teenager, I went from a paperboy to working in a supermarket. Beginning with stocking shelves and working my way up to running a cash register. The very first thing I was taught was to put the cash in the register correctly. Correctly? you say. Bills face up, Presidents smiling at you, and all going in the same direction. This seemed to be the norm to me, I observed and at the bank, restaurants,  etc.,  I adopted the procedure in my personal life. My daughter would ridicule me until she started working at a large box store chain and noticed the value of the practice.

Fast-foward to today, and no one seems to do this. I get that kids that can’t make change in their  heads can’t see the value, but when I go to the bank and the teller give me my cash like the strip club bartender gives back change. Drives me crazy!

Love the podcast! thanks for the opportunity .


First occurrence

Years ago


More & more often, weekly


A few minutes


Oh yeah


Perhaps a thought that there is a certain standard to uphold professionally. It could be that as a society we seem to be much more casual personally and professionally.


Chunky, baby. And don’t forget Cookie Butter

One thought on “Michael: Cashiers Who Don’t Make Change Correctly

  1. Shawn says:

    Represent! I had the same training at a fast food restaurant, and when I moved up to counting registers at the end of shift,I saw the value of it. Still carry it through in my life.

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