Patty: People Who Say “Um” and Start Answers With “So”


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The use of the the word “umm” or “emm” as it has evolved, in conversation. Once a speaker uses it, I just wait for the next “emm”  and the next, until i can start to predict them. Then I don’t hear what is being said, and I start judging the speaker and his/her lack of important information, thus the need for filler. It especially grinds me when it is coming from the “so called” Valley girl, and the “emmmmm” starts downhill, and slowly climbs in tone with the “squeaky door” sound. (I the 20- something female has this down!) OMG I feel my resentment building on that one! I start to feel superior and then I feel really old for resenting that! I start sentences with “dude” at 62, so who am I to judge? BTW, what is that squeaky “thank you” exclusive to the millennial female? I just cannot!

Last year, my pet peeve was when a person started an answer with the word “so”, as if we need a backstory . When a person is asked a question and starts the answer with “so,” it undermines their credibility and it seems as if they are trying to sound really smart, or trying to avoid a straight answer. I love it used as a conjunction though, so, I don’t always hate it!!! I have a few more, as you can imagine; such as “I know, right?”, shit ton, my bad, and all the “izzle”s. I am working on it, though-I’m an addict/alcoholic in recovery going on 12 years. I try not to let the little things get to me, and say the Serenity Prayer many times throughout my day. LOL (i dig that one).

First occurrence





Seconds-unless its a long conversation.




I think that words are powerful, meaningful and beautiful. As Rudyard Kipling said, Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. I assess others by their words. I Love your words, Anna. They resonate with me. When i was in my active addiction, I focused more on appearances. Now, words rule! I think many others are bothered by silly lingo as well. I think what gets to me the most about this is the group mentality of it; the lack of free thinking. It figuratively drives me crazy! (Literally is another one, but enough for now.)

Do you like peanut butter?

Yes, I love peanut butter!

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