Shawn: People Who Drain the Office Coffee Pot


Shawn Sarazin



What’s your issue?

When you go to the coffee pot at work and exactly two drops spill into your cup. It’s not late afternoon; it’s 9:19am. The person walking out of the break room as you walked in has a full cup of coffee AND knowledge that they left the pot empty. They either: lack knowledge of how to make more coffee; are too lazy to make more; or (worst) just don’t care.

This lack of common courtesy expresses itself in other ways in my life: an empty ice cube tray in the freezer at home (yes, in 2016, I don’t have a built in ice maker; I use ice cube trays). When I was actively drinking, this was a giant sore spot. I wanted ice for my cocktails! Now, I want it for my Perrier or my limeade or Pepsi.

First Occurrence

20 years ago when I started in the work force




Until I get back to my desk after setting up fresh pots and waiting to get my mug loaded with steaming hot java.



What do you think is the reason this bothers you?

It’s the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. We like when things are done for us, we should also do them for others.

Someone came in and got a cup of hot coffee, and it undoubtedly was running out as their cup filled. They liked it and want it again next time, so set it so the next person coming in gets a hot cup, too. My kids like having ice available for their water bottles, so should make more ice if they use a tray so there’s some for the next person who comes along.

Okay, now onto what’s really important: do you like peanut butter?

YES! In Reese’s PB Cups, on a sandwich, on a spoon, mixed into ice cream… how can I count the ways?

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