Teneasha: People Who Walk Side By Side and Block Everyone Else


Teneasha Pierson




Hi Anna,

I love the show. I just listened to the episode with Josh Radner and had to write in my issues so I can concentrate and get back to work. Like Josh I have a list. Unlike Josh I do get really internally angry about these things. I’m super mellow and upbeat but when these things happen I become the incredible Hulk inside…and I curse people out in my head.

1. Friends who have to walk side by side on the sidewalk and take up the entire sidewalk so people walking in the other direction have to either bump them or walk in the street to get around them. It just speaks to a co-dependence and lack of respect for others.

2. Slow talkers. Slow talkers send me into a spiral of insanity. As they talk super slow in my head I think…hurry up and get your point out, are you dumb, do you think I’m dumb, are you high, are you present, why are you wasting my time.

3. People who don’t clean up after themselves in public places, particularly fast food restaurants. Yes, fast food restaurants hire people to keep the place tidy but clean up after yourself. Don’t make people’s lives harder for your own convenience.

4. People who try to make you feel bad because you’ve made a choice that they wouldn’t have made. This one is fresh because one of my coworkers did this to another coworker this morning. Coworker A went to a concert over the weekend. He had a blast, he said it was in a super hot venue…tons of people and he was sweating like crazy. He didn’t bring a change of clothes and had to wear his sweaty pants going home the following day. Coworker B is like ewww you wore pants with butt sweat…she said it like 5 times before I interjected and was like…IT WAS HIS SWEAT. It’s ok if he wore his pants with his own sweat because he didn’t have another option.

5. People who’ve gone on vacation or a short work trip and come back like they have any clue about the culture. I was on a conference call and this lady spent 1 month in Kenya and she gets on the conference call and is like “Habari Yako” which is a Kiswahili greeting and goes on and on about what she’s discovered about Kenya. I lived in Kenya for 2 years I have never and will never bust out a local language greeting unless I run into someone I know is a Kiswahili speaker. First, I think it’s bragging. Second, I think its falsely pumping yourself up to be this super cultured person. I will admit that there is some racial things that frustrates me because this was an older white lady who spoke about Kenyan people in a way that I took to be belittling…like they needed this savior to speak their truth.

For the questions below I’ll take frustration #1 because I live by a university and I go through this so often and it drives me nuts.

…sorry this is so long but I just finished typing and I feel so much more at ease.

Oh no…here’s another that just popped up…People who don’t get the Black Lives Matter Movement. (and even worse the people who rebuttal the movement with All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter.) Ahhhhhh. There have been at least 16 unarmed black men who have been killed by the police in the last 30 days…do you really want the loss of all or blue (are you comparing an occupation to a race?) lives that would warrant a movement? We don’t!

First occurrence?

I realized this was an issue for me maybe 10 years ago. In the past month it’s been really tested.




I live by a university. This usually happens about 5 minutes into my walk from the train station, which is the time I’m passing the university and I’m PISSED the rest of my 10 minute walk into a few minutes of being home.


YES. YES. YES. I have changed my routine to try to avoid this because I can feel there’s only a few more times I can take this before I will have to say something. If i come home around 7 at night this is more likely to happen because some sports practice gets out and they’re all walking in groups taking up the whole fucking sidewalk.


I get really frustrated with people who don’t know their place in the world, that the world is not all about them and just overall an inconsideration for others. This action makes me feel like they’re saying:

1. I’m here, you move.
2. You aren’t worth a second of discomfort.
3. I’m so enthralled in what I’m doing that I don’t even notice you.
4. You aren’t important
5. You don’t exist

But do you love peanut butter?

Yes, with apples.

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