The natives of Brazil have been using the Acai berry for many generations now, and it’s only just recently that the importance of this food source has become to known to people in North America. The juice and pulp of the Acai berry represent almost half of the food source to them. The juice and pulp are mixed with other juices to make smoothies and other fresh drinks.

The Acai berry are twice as rich in antioxidants than blueberries and ten times more than grapes. It’s the first reason for which the Acai berry is considered a “wonder food”.

However, not only does the Acai berry make dishes taste good, it also had many great health benefits that are just now being known around the world. For instance, Amazon tribes have been using the berry for digestive problems, insomnia, and skin irritations for many years now. And the berry is low in sugar, making it ideal for anyone with diabetes to safely use.

It’s only been in recent years that the Acai berry has been used in North America to promote good health and increase the body’s energy. Today the Acai berry is used as a supplement as well as an ingredient in energy drinks, cereals, and almost any other recipe where it can be snuck into. Scientists and researchers are amazed at the many benefits of the Acai berry. A study at the University of Florida showed that the Acai berry is actually capable of destroying leukemia cancer cells.

Other benefits of the Acai include:

Provides the body with more energy.

Gives the body more strength.

Increases life span.

Lowers cholesterol levels.

Maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

Maintains healthy blood pressure.

Can promote weight loss.

Can enhance sexual desire and function.

Keeps the body looking younger and more vital.

Strengthens the heart.

Can prevent some cancers.

Maintains normal levels of blood sugars.

Promotes a healthy sleep cycle.

Cures insomnia.

Brings relief from headaches and dizziness.

Can improve vision.

Can reduce the symptoms of menopause.

Improve memory.

Aids in the digestive process.

Increases muscle strength and bone density.

Improves the body’s immune system and resistance to disease.

Helps the body to heal faster after injury.

Reduces the effects of aging.

Reduces inflammation from arthritis.

Decreases the risk of heart problems.

Improves mental thinking.

Helps the fight against free radicals.

Provides the body with all essential vitamins and minerals.

With so many benefits, the Acai berry is being raved about all around the world. Many people are using the Acai as a super food, relying on it to give them increased energy and to improve their digestive system so that they can lose weight more easily. Not only is the berry capable of burning fat more quickly, it also increases the body’s metabolism. For these two reasons the Acai is being considered a great dietary supplement for anyone wanting to drop a few pounds.