Once you have decided that a bed spread set is what you are looking for then you will need to choose between the different fabrics to see which suits you best. There are both natural and synthetic fabrics available, I will mention the most popular materials used for bed spread sets and let you decide for yourself.

The most popular fabrics used would normally be cotton and wool. The cotton would mostly be used for the bed spread set itself and the wool would most often be used for the filling. Cotton is 100% natural, comes in a wide variety of colours and is easy to clean. The wool filling adds to the warmth of the bed spread set. Not all bed spread sets have fillings but those that do would most likely use wool. Sometimes down and feathers are used from geese and other birds as a more luxurious filling.

There are synthetic fabrics and a mixture of synthetic and natural fabrics available. Polyester is the most popular synthetic fabric used. Acrylic is another fully synthetic fabric. When bed spread sets are manufactured from the more specialty fabrics they are more often than not used only as stylish bed covers and do not have fillings. These specialist fabrics would include faux fur, faux suede,satin, silk, taffeta and velvet. When deciding on which fabric is best going to suit you, you should also consider that not all fabrics can be cleaned at home and that some fabrics will need to be professionally cleaned.

If you are looking for something special to spruce up your room, one of your options will most definitely be a velvet bed spread set. Velvet is more versatile than many of the other specialist fabrics used for bed spread sets. Velvet bed spread sets are available in rich colours and this combined with the smooth texture can add a modern and sophisticated appearance. The satin on the reverse side of a velvet bed spread sheet can also add a romantic and luxurious atmosphere.

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Quality velvet bed spread sets should be 100% polyester, the backing should be 80% polyester and 20% cotton. Some velvet bed spread sets can also be made from Rayon. The rayon bed spread sets can also be reversible with different colours on either side. The diverse colours of velvet bed spread sets will also allow you more versatility with your bedding options. Special care must be taken when cleaning velvet bed spread sets as they will need to be dry cleaned.

When purchasing a velvet bed spread set you should first consider visiting a store to get a good idea of the colour and look of the comforter that best suits your taste. There are tons of stores on line that can help you with velvet bed spread sets once you know exactly what your design should look like. Some stores or manufacturers on line will possibly even be willing to customise an order for you. This might very well come in handy if you have decided to give a velvet bed spread set as a very personal gift.