Coaching with Anna David

WHY: If you’re seeking professional growth, personal growth, financial growth, greater happiness, stress reduction, motivation, spiritual development, inspiration, acceptance, fun or any number of other goals, I can help you find it.

WHAT: I’m not your therapist, psychoanalyst, sponsor or friend. I’m there to help you see where you are holding yourself back with self-limiting beliefs and work with you  to come up with action steps so you can move past them. I’m there to be an active listener, to reflect back to you your desires, to allow you to feel heard, motivated and supported, to help you come up with goals and to hold you accountable to those goals.

My coaching program is designed to be a short-term agreement and my ultimate goal is to help you  take everything learned through the process  and apply it long after we’ve finished working together.

If you’re  interested specifically in launching or enlarging your writing career, I’m  available to both edit work and provide deadlines and coaching.

THE PROCESS: We schedule one complimentary 15-20-minute phone session where we discuss what you’d like to get out of the experience. If we both believe we can make progress together, we make a commitment to a specific number of bi-weekly 50-minute sessions (in person for those in LA or over FaceTime, Skype or Zoom for those outside the area). If meeting or speaking every two weeks  isn’t possible,  arrangements can be made when necessary.

WHY ME:    Fifteen years of  writing and speaking professionally about recovery, dating, relationship, sex and career issues,  experience leading recovery groups, studying alcohol and drug counseling at UCLA and becoming certified as a life coach have  taught me highly effective practices for guiding people through a  proven system of mental and emotional transformation.

Also, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a coach of sorts. It never started off as any sort of official thing. I’ve just always been someone that people came to for advice (don’t even get me started about what confessions I’d be privy to during extended family dinners).  I’m not entirely certain of the reason for this but I do know it serves me well as I help people lead the happiest and healthiest lives they can.

Email me for pricing and to schedule an introductory session here.