Recently I read an article on the Healthy New Age website on achieving quick weight loss. Well, it wasn’t really an article. It was more like a collection of different topics that could help you lose weight all lumped into one page.  You can read it here if you like.

It was a little tough to read, but like anything, there was some good information that could be pulled out. One thing I’d like to point out is a reason they state for quick weight loss. Most people understand that a good, nutritional diet is important to always follow. This is for your health as well as to maintain your target weight. Knowing this should be a lifelong commitment why do you want results so fast? Besides the obvious, one reason is for motivation. So many people try something for a short period, and if they don’t see immediate results they give up and either try something new or go back to doing nothing.

This is certainly sad because most people give up just before changes start to happen. So they never get to see the payoff for their hard work. But… If you can lose weight quickly you will see the benefit of hard work, and hopefully it will inspire you to keep going.

Another topic I like is detoxification. After all of the stuff we put into our body most of us could benefit from a detox or a cleanse. You always have to be careful and avoid doing too much. But detoxifying every once in a while definitely helps. A great time to do this is before you make a diet and lifestyle change. You are hitting reset on all of the bad toxins and priming your body so it is ready to take in the healthy nutrients of your new diet. It’s like giving yourself a jump start before you go on a diet.

The usual suspects of a healthy, vegetable focused diet are there. As well as exercising – both cardio and strength training. And one of my favorites – make sure you drink enough water and get enough sleep. It annoys my wife when I say this but I really believe most problems can be solved with more water, more coffee or more sleep…

Good Luck!