I’m a fitness freak guy who started his journey off about 4 years ago. I started going to the gym because I wanted to gain muscles. I wasn’t having a clear idea of what’s to be fit and what’s my aim behind working out. Later on, I realized why I workout and how to work out. I’ve totally changed my workouts since almost 1 year focusing on both levels, maintaining my muscle mass and keeping my waist tiny and myself fit in general. Ive started noticing quite satisfying results after 3 months and now I’m happy to be where I am now but I’m still craving for more.

There was an inner motive since I was 15 years old. I started it with home workouts like pushups and ab exercises. After entering collage, I started hitting the gym like a real beast with my fellows who have inspired me too to keep on working out. Later on, I got to know some legends from media and Instagram like Zyzz who have entirely put an effect on my heart and motivated me to the highest level and made me ask myself: “Why can’t I be shredded one?” So I keep myself motivated but the inner motivation that comes out is the strongest always. I always seek to be better than yesterday. I consider myself as my enemy.

I’ve tried my best to keep myself on natural route, not getting affected with those who take anabolic and I did it. I took a booster dose of protein shake (ISO100) and whey for 4 months and stopped after. I’m foxing right now on healthy diet choices that are rich in proteins and vitamins. I usually start my day with an HIIT on empty stomach making sure to hit it to the max.

It’s actually the start. I am seeing myself as someone who will be sponsored by great company in the future to inspire others and give them the right motive and push to start such journey.