If you’ve decide it’s time to shed those extra pounds and that weight watchers is the right plan for you; then you are going to love the great selection of weight watcher point recipes, in fact what’s your favorite weight watcher point recipe ?
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Breakfast to get you going for the day – a light refreshing lunch to revitalize you for the rest of your day – a tantalizing super that will water your taste buds. You’ve got all kinds of great options. In fact these recipes are so darn good you can serve them to your friends and they’ll never know. Why not finish of the evening with a delicious cream mint filled brownie – to die for!  The weight watchers magazine and the online weight watchers site are packed with good advices about Weight Watcher Point recipe that will keep you on track and within your points, while you totally forget because it tastes so darn good.  Here are just a few examples of weight watcher point recipes that all contain 9 points or less.

Who would believe it ?

Start the day with a maple pear oatmeal muffin that will melt in your mouth, or how about a zucchini crouton omelet that’s zesty and perfect to kick start your day.

How about a memorable lunch ?  Enjoy a cilantro spiked coleslaw or a boeuf bourguignon.  Then there is the scrumptious 5 point turkey burger and why not spice it up with some cumin scented oven fries.

Dinner is an open book with so many great choices you’ll want to stay on the point diet forever.  If you like to grill then enjoy the lime glazed grilled chicken that will awaken your senses, and combine it with a tomato avocado salad, or corn on the cob with an orange basil butter – yummy! If you love past then go for the gusto with a mouth watering gnocchi with pumpkin sauce with macaroni salad.  In fact this is a great dish to impress your friends or family.  End the night with a memorable desert like the cocoa roll.

If you like baked goods then treat yourself to a mosaic fruit sorbet or maybe pumpkin custard with caramelized pecans.  Or maybe you can’t bear to live without your chocolate, then don’t enjoy fudgy brownies or delicious cocoa roll.

With so many choices about weight watcher point recipe it’s going to be hard to decide just what to have for dinner tonight.  Great news!  There’s 365 days in a year, which means 365 dinners so you can try an awful lot of delicious, mouth watering dishes.  So what are you waiting for ?